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Creating an Eco-Friendly Bathroom

These days, planet-conscious products and fittings are on the minds of both homeowners and manufacturers alike. The way in which we manage waste and recycle materials is becoming more and more prevalent as the impact on our planet becomes ever more noticeable, whether that’s the devastating effects of deforestation, global warming or rising sea levels. 

One of the main sources of waste within the home, of course, is the bathroom. It doesn’t matter if this concerns baths, basins or our toilets and showers, homes across the world produce a massive amount of wastewater and more each and every day. 

With this in mind, many people are exploring ways in which they can make their home kinder on the planet, and perhaps the best place to start is by creating an eco-friendly bathroom. Our expert Lusso team are best-placed to give you the lowdown on all things bathroom-based, so read on for our top four eco-friendly bathroom ideas.

Pick Stone over Plastic

In the majority of bathrooms, it’s the norm to find regular acrylic or plastic baths and basins. Though they’re often seen as the cheaper, more affordable option, it’s also no secret that plastic waste is detrimental to the environment if not dealt with properly, not to mention it takes 1,000 years to decompose. One way to combat this? Pick a stone basin or stone bath over their plastic counterparts. Not only does this afford your bathroom a luxurious finish and elegant aesthetics, but our natural stone basins and baths are an eco-friendly statement piece too.

Invest in Energy-Efficient Rimless Toilets

When it comes to completing a high-end bathroom finish, it makes absolute sense to invest in a rimless toilet. As well as providing a clean and contemporary feel, rimless toilets are also far more eco-friendly and energy-efficient than standard rimmed designs thanks to a direct flushing technique that uses a smaller volume of water.

What’s more, they also offer a superior standard of hygiene to rimmed models, given the absence of a rim, this leaves less room for troublesome germs and bacteria to lurk and means they’re much less of an effort to clean too.

Reduce Water Flow with Lusso Taps and Showers

If you’ve got faulty taps, no matter how slow that gradual drip, it doesn’t take long for water waste to mount up. Not only will this affect your water bill, but it also impacts the environment too. By investing in new taps, you’ll ensure that you’re taking measures to reduce your water flow and usage while simultaneously providing your bathroom with a stunning finish. Similarly, no contemporary space should be considered complete without a bespoke luxury shower. As well as adding the wow factor to your bathroom or wetroom, our ultra-modern Lusso showers incorporate the latest technology to address water flow issues and tackle cleaning and waste problems with our flush-fitting waste covers and unique self-cleaning high-flow waste units.

Of course, it’s not just water-flow and waste that can affect both the environment and your bills, your home’s heating plays a major part too. Unbeknownst to many, heated towel rails and specialist bathroom radiators are actually far more efficient than regular radiators. 

With one of our bespoke bathroom radiator designs, you can combine contemporary style and practicality while simultaneously keeping away the cold and reducing your carbon footprint. Thanks to their design, towel rails heat up much quicker than standard radiators and do so more efficiently while staying heated for longer periods of time. 

Start Making a Difference Today

So, now you know just four top techniques to creating an eco-friendly bathroom and reducing your carbon footprint, what are you waiting for? Browse our online brochure or contact our expert team to find out more information on our products and discover how you can start doing your bit for the environment.

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