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How to add Japanese design to your bathroom

Japanese design is defined by its beautiful simplicity. Following the principles of ‘kanso’ (less is more) and wabi-sabi (embracing imperfections), Japanese inspired bathrooms are becoming increasingly popular in contemporary homes. If you are looking to add a little zen culture to your home, why not embrace the Japanese art of efficiency and tranquillity to help create a space that truly inspires calm?

In Japanese culture, the bathroom is a space for rejuvenation, therefore the bath itself is an integral part of the whole concept. Traditionally, Japanese bathtubs are small and separate from the rest of the bathroom furniture. If you have ample space, it’s easier to design a bathroom where the tub is it’s own ‘zone’. If your space is more compact, consider investing in a room separator screen to give you the illusion of a peaceful, detached space. In terms of design, the tub should be simplistic, linear and made from natural materials. Our stone baths are ideal for those looking to add Japanese style into their bathroom, with natural stone material and clean, minimalistic designs.

Once you have the foundations for your Japanese style bathroom, it’s time to start looking at introducing other elements into your space. Nature is an integral part of the Japanese decor aesthetic and greenery such as bamboo or potted plants will add natural style to your space. Keep the practice of kanso in mind when you are adding decorative items to your bathroom, too much will offset the calm, tranquil vibe you are aiming for. As it’s difficult to avoid letting clutter build-up in the bathroom, look at innovative storage options such as under-sink cabinets or stone vanity units that will allow you to store away all reminders of bathroom cleaning and maintenance!

Colours in your bathroom should be kept as neutral as possible as bright colours will distract from the meditative environment that you are striving for. Look for natural hues that encourage your mind and body to relax as you soak. Lighting should also be as soft as possible and you should try and avoid any bold lighting fixtures that will inevitably draw the eye. Soft spotlights are ideal for a Japanese style bathroom. 

The bathroom is often the most overlooked room in the home, yet it’s the place where many of us go to relax and unwind. By embracing Japanese principles of design, you can create a truly tranquil haven where you can soak the day away. Are you a fan of the minimalistic Japanese style, or do you prefer to go bright and bold with your bathroom? Share your bathroom transformations with us on Instagram for a chance to be featured as our ‘real-life bathroom’ of the month.

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