Lusso Rimless Toilets: Stylish Design, Innovative Technology

With more smart technology being added to homes than ever before, homeowners are looking for innovation and style when it comes to new bathroom trends. Bathrooms fixtures now need to accommodate our need for practicality whilst also staying true to the aesthetic designs that we want in our space. One trend that has coursed through the industry over the last few months is the rimless toilet, a new highly efficient, hygienically designed toilet that’s set to revolutionise the modern bathroom.

Are Rimless Toilets Better?

On the surface, a rimless toilet looks almost identical to a traditional toilet, however, the differences emerge underneath the lid. Without a rim around the inside of the toilet bowl cleaning becomes significantly easier, plus, there is a marked improvement in hygiene. No more bacteria build up and no lurking limescale, just a smooth bowl that sparkles after each flush.

Unlike traditional toilets, a rimless toilet uses a direct flush technique that shoots water around the pan, rather than redistributing the water. The direct flush washes the whole toilet pan quickly, effectively and more economically when compared to traditional models.

The Ceramatte™ rimless toilet has been developed by Lusso and is the latest addition to their luxurious bathroom collection. After years of planning, research and development, the innovative Ceramatte™ finish is designed to complement both polished and matte bathrooms thanks to the introduction of the revolutionary satin matte finish. As market leaders in the development of the Ceramatte™ finish, we’re able to offer much more than traditional ‘gloss’ or ‘polished’ options like some traditional manufacturers. Ceramatte™ cleans just like a polished product, offering easy maintenance alongside elegant design.

Discover the full Lusso Rimless Toilets collection today, or speak to a member of our team for help and advice on any of our products.

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