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2019 Bathroom Trends

It may seem a little early to be looking towards 2019 bathroom trends, but with 2018 quickly drawing to a close – it’s always good to have your eye on what designers predict will be big in the new year. At Lusso Stone, we always like to stay a step ahead of bathroom trends and our experts have been scouring the globe to find the new styles that will soon be taking over bathrooms. In 2018, we saw the rise of botanical prints, beautiful clean lines and bold feature walls. Although these trends show no sign of going away anytime soon, we’ve picked some of our favourite trend predictions for the new year to help you get a step ahead. From industrial impact to matte finishings that are anything but dull, settle in for the Lusso Stone 2019 trend review.

Rose Gold

Rose gold is still the finish of choice for those looking for the warmth of gold with a feminine hue. You might not have considered adding rose gold to the bathroom but 2019 is set to be the year where it starts to become ‘the norm’, from decor to fixtures and fittings. Consider adding rose gold to your bathroom in the form of rose gold taps, showers and bathroom accessories such as towel hooks, toilet brush holders and towel bars. Pair with minimalistic decor to ensure your gold hues really pop such as blush pink walls and light coloured floors.

Art Deco

We started to see a glimpse of art deco style coming back into bathrooms early this year, but in 2019 we expect to see a full revival of the luxurious, glamorous style. Art deco is all about sleek lines and luxe materials, offering period styling with an effortless contemporary twist. For bathrooms, you can bring in elements of art deco style with freestanding stone baths, glass shower partitions and perfectly co-ordinated fixtures and fittings. Of course, art deco is all about the finishing touches and one of the easiest ways to achieve this look is through lighting. Opt for vintage cut glass lampshades, glass globe lampshades or warm spotlights dotted around the ceiling to create the feeling of more space. Your wall art should focus on geometric shapes, with bold colours and flashes of metallic shades.

Matte Fixtures

Shiny metal finishes used to dominate bathrooms, however, in 2019 we expect to see more and more homeowners opt for modern, matte black. Matte black bath taps, showers and bathroom fittings are increasing in popularity, giving contemporary bathrooms an edgy, industrial look. The matte black looks effortlessly elegant in a monochrome themed bathroom and perfect with our white stone baths and basins. Keep everything black/white or add an accent colour to give your bathroom some individual flair, we love to see flashes of aqua, fuschia or mustard running throughout a monochrome theme and these colours work perfectly with matte black fixtures.

Exposed Pipes

If you’re currently renovating your bathroom, chances are you’re already familiar with exposed pipes! However, this 2019 bathroom trend isn’t about leaving things unfinished, it’s about creating a retro, industrial look that looks fantastic paired with neutral black or white decor. If your bathroom isn’t equipped with pipes that can be exposed, there are plenty of other ways to work this trend. Look for bathroom fixtures and fittings in metallic shades such as floor standing mixer taps, minimalistic towel shelves and wall mounted basin taps. These small additions will add a flash of industrial style to your bathroom in 2019.

We love the look of our brushed gold bathroom fixtures in an industrial style bathroom, the sleek style looks great paired with bold decor and will give you that edgy, exposed look you’re after in 2019.


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Marble Tiles

We’ve discussed pairing a lot of our predicted trends with neutral decor, however, one way to achieve the neutral look whilst still adding some statement decor is through another key 2019 trend – marble. Marble has already seen a huge increase in popularity in 2018, with many people opting for marble themed wallpapers in bedrooms and bathrooms to bring some texture to their neutral decor. In 2019, we’re expecting to see an influx in bathrooms featuring cool marble tiles, whether real or achieved through adhesive sheets. With so many varieties of marble to choose from, it’s easy to find the right match for your bathroom, each one bringing timeless elegance that can easily be updated with modern bathroom fixtures.

Will you be incorporating any of these 2019 bathroom trends into your home? We would love to see your inspiration for the New Year and how you’re going to be styling your Lusso Stone bathrooms. Share with us via #LussoLife on Instagram or Facebook.


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