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Bathroom Trend Alert: Navy & Gold

Open any interior design magazine or Pinterest page and you’re bound to find someone showcasing a beautiful navy and gold bathroom. This trend shows no signs of going away soon and at Lusso Stone, we love how our white stone baths and basins look against the contrast of dark walls and metallic accents.

Going for a bold colour like navy can be a big decision! Will it make your bathroom look smaller? Will it take away the light? In our opinion, the only question you will be asking once you’ve made the first paint stroke is – why didn’t I do this sooner?

If you’re ready to take the plunge and turn your bathroom into a luxurious navy and gold space, we’re here to help you make this look work for you.

Step 1: Go Bold

Like all shades on the blue spectrum, navy is a relaxing, calming and serene shade to add the home. Blue has also been known to help lower blood pressure and heart rate so it’s ideal for those long, relaxing soaks in the tub!

When you’re adding navy to walls, it’s best to go all in. Opt for rich navy tiles or painted walls to act as the base of this trend, if you’re not ready to go ‘full navy’ then you can easily add a feature wall to the bathroom or choose tiles with navy accents. Once you have your navy walls you will instantly see how great it looks with your neutral bath set, we especially love a white stone bath against a navy wall, instant luxury! For the flooring, we recommend either keeping it simple with white floor tiles and a cosy bath mat with hints of navy and gold – or going bold with a patterned floor tile with hints of navy.

Step 2: Go for Gold

Gold has always been a tricky colour to add to the home, with many people worrying that it will quickly look dated as trends evolve. The best way to incorporate gold into your new navy bathroom is through accents of the shade that will complement the existing contrast of navy and white. Instead of going for huge gold light fixtures, why not add the metallic shade in the form of gold taps or gold ornaments dotted around your windowsill or shelving units. A gold basket is a great option for displaying your fresh towels and changing up the handles on your bathroom storage units will give your existing furniture a modern uplift.

As one of the most versatile bathroom colours, navy is one trend that will stand the test of time. If you’re looking to change up the look of your bathroom you can easily create new looks with different accent colours. If gold doesn’t work for you, how about a sleek chrome or timeless brass to give your bathroom a whole different look. Splashes of colour such as tropical green or striking fuschia can also be brought in if you’re looking to transform your space again.

Have you gone bold with a navy and gold colour scheme? We would love to see how you’ve made your space your own, tag us into your home decor pictures on Instagram @lussostone

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