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Bathroom Storage Ideas: How to maximise your space

Your bathroom should be a place where you can relax, unwind and soak away the stress of the day, however, if your bathroom is full of clutter you may be far from approaching that state of Zen! Whether you have a small bathroom or a large space, bathrooms can easily become cluttered and overrun. Luckily, there are plenty of space saving tips that you can use to make the most of the space you have and create the dream space you want to enjoy at the end of the day.

From hacks with household objects to utilising space you didn’t even know you had, we’re here to help you maximise your space with a number of bathroom storage ideas.

  1. Double Up

There are plenty of ways that you can double up the usage of furniture in your bathroom. If you’re looking at new bathroom furniture, opt for vanity units and mirrored cabinets that incorporate storage within. This saves you buying additional storage units and lets you get more out of the space that would have already been taken up by these pieces. The elegant Luxe 900 Matte White Bathroom Vanity Unit is a great choice for those looking to utilise space under the sink, with a soft closing drawer and a white cabinet that’s ideal for storing bathroom essentials.

If your shower is looking a little crowded you can also double up on shower rails to make the most of ceiling space. Adding another rail can provide additional places to hang shower caddies and your morning shower essentials.

  1. Open the door

If your bathroom cabinets are already full, you may be at a loss to where you can squeeze in more products. An underused area in most people’s bathrooms is the back of your cabinet doors. Using suction cups you can attach clips or plastic baskets and pouches to hold those everyday essentials. This is a great bathroom storage idea for those always searching for their tweezers, cotton buds and hair grips, a basket on the back of the door can also be used to store away hair straighteners, tongs and brushes.

BATHROOM STORAGE TIP 1: I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. The inside of the cabinet door 🚪is a blank slate begging to be used! Keep storage shallow here – unless you’re lucky enough to have a full-sized cupboard in your bathroom! A neat tip is to stick a magnetic strip on the inside of the door for nail clippers, scissors, tweezers, bobby pins, clips – you name it! If it sticks, it’s a home! 3M Command clear caddies can also be used for makeup, brushes or other small supplies. Pic via @pinterest #bathroomgoals #organisedbathroom #bathroomstorage #smallbathroom #homeorganisation #professionalorganiser #spaceover #storagetips #bathroomdecor #makeupstorage #toiletries

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3. Get creative

The next time you’re shopping for bathroom storage, step outside of the bathroom aisle and start thinking outside of the box. If you’re short of storage space for towels, you may find what you’re looking for in the kitchen aisle in the form of a wine rack. A wine rack can be attached to the wall or placed on top of an existing shelving unit or cabinet and filled with towels to create an attractive feature that’s also incredibly practical! If you can’t find the right one to match your decor, simply spray paint a plain wine rack and enjoy the compliments as people reach for the guest towels.

Other kitchen items can also be utilised as bathroom storage ideas too, a spice rack is a great place to store essential toiletries whilst kitchen drawer organisers can also be placed in bathroom drawers to keep everyone’s things separate.

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  1. Above and beyond

Another underused space in the bathroom is the back of the door. The addition of a few hooks can provide ample opportunity for storage, from easy options like towel hooks to hanging caddies and storage pouches for cleaning products and more. Shelving can also be used to add decorative elements and store away items you don’t use every day. If you’re out of wall space, why not look for bathroom storage ideas higher up? A shelf above the door frame creates a striking focal point, especially if you add those decorative items that have been cluttering up the windowsill for years!

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  1. Get back to basics

One of the easiest ways to declutter your bathroom is to take stock of what is actually in there! Whether you live alone or you share your bathroom with the family, chances are you’re going to be hoarding things that you don’t need. One of the best ways we’ve encountered to effectively clear out a room is to work out how long ago you used it and how likely you are to use it again. Set out two bin bags for products and decor that you either want to bin or want to donate to someone else, then keep going until your bathroom is solely for your essentials.

A good clear out is a great way to relax and what better way to celebrate a job well done than by enjoying a soak in the tub enjoying your new minimal space!

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