Introducing The New Stunning Mardan Luxury Stone Resin Solid Freestanding Bath

Here at Lusso Stone, we live and breathe luxury stone bathtubs.

If we’re being honest, we even dream about them – inventing in our subconscious minds the most lavish, timeless and exquisite designs to create a bathing space of unparalleled beauty and tranquillity.

Working closely with a supremely talented Italian designer, we transformed our fanciful and ambitious visions into the very real and, if we do say so ourselves, exceptionally beautiful Mardan bath.

Meet the designer:

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The Mardan started its physical life as a carefully crafted mould, built to our precise specifications. The mould was then filled with our unique and durable blend of natural limestone and resin. We then let time take the reins before releasing the solid form and hand-polishing it to create our signature, creamy, tactile finish.


The fully realised Mardan masterpiece was finally born! Beautifully elliptical in shape, with a deliciously deep bathing area and the smoothest of curves, this luxurious bath made our dreams come proudly true.


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Our concept was to create a bathtub that was not only aesthetically pleasing but also exceptionally comfortable – a bath that would envelop its bather in a warm and soothing embrace to promote a restful and relaxing experience.  We’re so delighted with the Mardan and think we’ve achieved that in spades, but what do you think?

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