Architects & Designers


Here at Lusso Stone we welcome and positively encourage collaborations with talented architects, designers and individual clients from all over the world. 

Our exquisitely crafted, hand-finished stone baths and basins made from our Durastone® provide perfect inspiration for creating new and exciting designs to suit your projects and impress discerning customers.

The exceptional quality of our products has given designers and individual clients free rein to create innovative bathrooms that exude luxury, elegance and tranquillity.

Forged using warm and tactile natural stone, our stone basin and freestanding baths ranges are both coolly modern and enviably timeless, making our products perfectly suited to contemporary and classic tastes. 

To ensure you have all of the necessary specifications at your fingertips, each of our products comes with a downloadable CAD file. However, if you feel you need more information, we will happily supply additional drawings upon request.

We welcome bespoke requests! If you already love one of our designs but need it adjusting to suit your requirements, let us know.  If you have vague ideas of a concept but don’t know how to realise it, we will work with you to achieve your aims, providing you with a range of technical drawings to bring your vision to life. 

Below is a list of designers we have worked with on projects ranging from lifestyle creation for individual clients to unbeatable five-star style for luxury hotel developers. 


  • Fiona Barratt Interiors
  • Project One Wales
  • Louise Holt Interior Design
  • Helen Green Design
  • Cloud Studios
  • Rainey & Best 
  • EMGA Limited 
  • YAM Studios
  • Airspace Locations
  • Advanced Interior Solutions


Click here to see a sample of the projects we have worked on with a selection of our valued clients. Alternatively, follow us on social media for real-time updates and fresh inspiration.